Oh What To Do With Left-Over Lasagna?


Okay, I’ll be honest…we had the most massive lasagna dish for dinner the other night, and once again…no left-overs.  I was sure there would be as I was looking forward to the challenge of what on earth to do with left-over Lasagna, but once again, my family enjoyed it too much and let me down. Please do trust me though…usually my fridge is crammed full with left-overs in the hopes that someone will want to eat them.  Just Murphy’s Law…not while I am giving this challenge a go.

But also once again, I was curious…what if there was?  True, it works well just warmed up and eaten the way it was, but this blog is about making things more exciting (at least for the month of January).  So, Google and I got together once more (we really are a match made in heaven.  I just wished it didn’t want to finish my sentences for me all the time).

So the first hit I came across mentioned Re-Inventing Lasagna with a glass of red wine.  While as appealing as that sounded, creating a fogged state of mind while eating lasagna left-overs so I wouldn’t be able to notice what I was eating is not what I had in mind with this.

Onward into the depths of Google I went.  After many failed links, I started to give up hope.  Is there really another dish you can make out of left-over lasagna? 

Well, turns out, YES!

I found this link:  http://www.examiner.com/article/smart-leftovers-recipe-pasta-frittata and it assures the reader than ANY leftover pasta, in ANY shape, using ANY kind of sauce and ANY type of add-ins.  Sounds like my type of dinner….now if only people would leave some food for me to do this with!

Another idea (I presume you would just use the sauce from the Lasagna for the reinvention) is Lasagna Stuffed Shells, found here:  http://livinglikethekings.com/2012/06/lasagna-stuffed-shells/ .  So far, these look like my favourite.

Another interesting idea came from Yahoo…

Refrigerate it or freeze it so that when you cut it into squares that hold together. Then:

  • Cut it up into about 2 inch by 2 inch squares.
  • Dip it in flour, then an egg wash, and then a flour bread crumb mixture. (You could also just put this in a batter, if you wish).
  • Now fry it in oil!.

    The result: Fried Lasagna!
    Serve with marinara and cheese sauce

  • On a personal note:  I would also serve a salad with it…but that might just be me.

While I am sure there are some other ideas that an hour of searching online could not produce, at least now, if I do ever have this kind of left-overs, there are some ideas on how to make it into another meal.  If you ever have the chance to try any of these out, please let me know what you thought.

~ Caroline



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